Frito Pie Dip Recipe

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Now that Fritos come as big, broad Scoops and not just the classic thin strips, there’s a whole world of dipping potential that begs to be explored. Frito pie dip does just that. It takes the chili, cheese, and toppings of the popular Frito pie in a bag and breaks it free of its confines. 

You’ll start by dressing up a few cans of chili, then layering it in a dish with Jack cheese and crushed Fritos. Bake it until it’s hot, then top with diced fresh tomato, chopped cilantro, and sliced green onions. A finish of lime zest and fresh lime juice gives it a surprising but welcome lift. 

Now, the hard part: Is Frito pie dip for a party or for dinner? How about both! Serve it on game day or at a casual gathering for low-key dipping, or serve alongside a green salad for a family-favorite dinner.

Simply Recipes / Photo by Fred Hardy / Food Styling by Jennifer Wendorf / Prop Styling by Lindsey Lower

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