Paul Hollywood’s Tips For The Best Hot Cross Buns

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Origin of hot cross buns

The history of the hot cross bun dates back to the 14th century, with the monk Thomas Rocliffe believed to have created the very first ones which he distributed to the poor on Good Friday. It went down so well that word spread and by the 19th century, hot cross buns were widely eaten across the country to mark the end of Lent.

Paul’s seven expert tricks for making perfect hot cross buns

1. Knead the dough to increase elasticity

Kneading dough

“The first thing you do is make your base dough. You knead it until you can pull a bit off and you can see it’s quite elastic. It needs to stretch. One trick is, if you get tired of kneading it, leave it in a bowl for a bit to rise for 20 minutes. That’ll help the process along.”

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2. Check the dough texture is right

Balls of dough

“The best thing to do is hold your stretched dough towards the light – you should be able to read the newspaper through it. You also need to look for the webbing – that’s the gluten strands bonding together. If you’ve got webbing in the dough you know it’s right. The thinner you can get that the better.”

3. Either mix by hand or a bread machine

Kneading dough

“A dough hook on a mixer will be quicker, but mixing the dough by hand will give you a good feel for what the dough’s like. Then, if you’re ever caught short and you haven’t got a mixer, you’ll still be able to make them. Plus, if you mix it by hand, you’ll get to remember what the dough should feel like when it’s ready.”

Dried fruit in bowl

“Cinnamon works really well, and a bit of nutmeg to an extent. I always use fresh fruit in mine. The original recipes used fresh fruit, it’s only quite recently we’ve started using dried fruit. Apples, oranges, tangerines, zest of lemon and orange and cinnamon works really well together.”

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5. Try non-traditional flavours

Chocolate buns

“Morello cherries and chocolate is a great combination for a non-traditional twist.”

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6. Use leftovers to make a pudding

Bun pudding

“You can make a great summer pudding with hot cross buns. Alternatively, you can bake with them and make a delicious bread and butter pudding. What I’d do is put some white chocolate chips in there as well, then slice up some hot cross buns and add the zest of an orange.”

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7. Choose your topping

Icing buns

“Marzipan makes a nice cross for a bit of decoration, or you can use sweet paste or just the traditional flour and water.”

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