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  1. Stay hydrated – your fluid needs are higher in hot temperatures because your body will need to replace the fluid lost in sweat. Everyone is at risk of dehydration, but the elderly, children and babies are at greatest risk. Water is the best drink for hydration, but low-fat milk, tea and coffee also count. Avoid excess alcohol.
  2. Increase your intake of lighter, fresher foods – fresh fruits and vegetables are useful sources of hydration. Strawberries, melon, cucumbers and courgettes are all great choices.
  3. Stick as closely as possible to your normal routine, including meals and bedtime.
  4. If possible, choose lightweight, loose clothing in pale colours, preferably in cotton or linen – these fabrics absorb perspiration and encourage ventilation.
  5. Keep out of the heat when it is at its hottest (typically between 11am and 3pm), and do any exercise or physical chores at cooler times of the day, such as early morning or late evening.
  6. Stay informed – keep up to date with the weather forecast. Hot weather can make air pollution worse, so if you or a member of your household suffers from a respiratory condition, make sure to limit time outdoors.
  7. If you do need to go out, keep to the shade where possible, wear a wide-brimmed hat and apply an appropriate factor of sunscreen frequently.
  8. Take some simple steps to promote restful sleep by adopting a few small changes to your bedroom and wind-down routine.

Tips for the heatwave

How to keep cool at night

Person hiding under white bed covers

When temperatures climb, it can be hard to get a restful night’s sleep. Health writer and nutritionist Kerry Torrens explores how you can stay cool and wake up refreshed for a new day.

What to eat and drink during a heatwave

Fresh strawberries in a colander

The sun is shining and the mercury rising. We asked a nutritionist how we should adjust our diet during hot weather and whether you can cool off through what you eat.

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Heatwave recipes

No-cook veggie fajitas

From no-cook meals and crunchy salads to easy barbecue recipes and frozen desserts, we have every recipe you need for eating during a heatwave. Tuck into our veggie fajitas, chicken noodle salad or prawn burrito bowls, and finish things off with a refreshing watermelon ice lolly.

Healthy summer recipes

Mint and basil griddled peach salad in a bowl

From salads and light soups to grilled meats and fish, make the most of summer produce with our healthy BBQ, picnic and al fresco recipes. This colourful quinoa salad with mint, basil, avocado and peaches is a celebration of all things summer.

Healthy picnic recipes

Large summer salad on a plate, topped with feta

Too hot to eat inside? Pack your hamper with lighter summer treats, from healthier scotch eggs and chicken sandwiches, to healthy pasta salad and fruity desserts. Be sure to read our list of the best picnic accessories, to make sure you have everything you need for dining al fresco.

No-cook recipes

Salmon & smacked cucumber noodles

Don’t sweat it, make our easy no-cook recipes for a speedy supper or an impressive dessert in a flash. Assemble simple ingredients to make something special, like these salmon and smacked cucumber noodles.

Ice lolly recipes

Raspberry tea ice lollies

Perfect for a summer day, these fruity, creamy, easy ice lolly recipes are sure to be a hit. Cool down with raspberry tea ice lollies, frozen banana lollies and watermelon lollies.

Iced tea recipes

Peach iced tea

Make a refreshing batch of iced tea to cool down this summer, it’s great for easy entertaining. Try a sweet peach version or a blueberry and mint twist.

Best ice cream makers

Best ice cream makers

From sweet, refreshing sorbets to delicious ice cream, whip up your own frozen desserts in a flash at home with some of the coolest ice cream machines around. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, we still have lots of ice cream recipes which can be made in the freezer. Cool down with classic vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ripple.

*With very high temperatures, it is recommended that you try to stay out of the heat and cool yourself down as much as you can. Try to be mindful of friends, family and neighbours who might be more vulnerable in these conditions and seek medical advice should you begin to feel unwell.

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