Unicorn recipes – five ways to make your food magical

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Unicorn desserts are the colourful trend everyone’s obsessed with. The whimsical movement began on social media (of course) where people shared ostentatious rainbow-hued creations, including cupcakes and macarons festooned with unicorn horns, sprinkles, frosting and edible pastel miscellany. Soon, the unicorn template was adapted to include toast with marbled toppings, dyed pancakes and blue hot chocolate – basically if it looks like something from a fairytale book, it ticks the unicorn box.

Here, we show you how to brighten up your world with your own unicorn creations, for those days when real life gets too much and only sprinkles and sacchrine sentiments will do.

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White chocolate unicorn bark

These shards of unicorn-coloured chocolate are simple to make but will steal the show on any party platter. All you need is good quality white chocolate, sprinkles and sweets of your choice. Dollop the coloured chocolate onto a baking sheet, shake it to merge in a marbled pattern and sprinkle on your chosen decorations. Once set, smash into shards and tuck in.

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Unicorn cupcakes

Another deceptively easy recipe that lives up to the unicorn show-stealing standards. These easy vanilla sponge cupcakes are topped with a unicorn-swirled buttercream that tastes as good as it looks. The secret to success lies with how you line the piping bag with food colouring…

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Cookies with pink swirls on a slate

Who could resist picking up one of these swirled cookies? The dazzling spiral effect is achieved by rolling two biscuit doughs together. The biscuits are given extra unicorn kudos with the fringe of iced sprinkles around the edge.

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Cake decorated like a unicorn on a cake stand

Capture everyone’s attention with a breathtaking unicorn cake! Featuring a fluffy sponge and delectable salted caramel buttercream, it’s a showstopper, especially when decorated with vibrant piping to mimic the flowing mane of a unicorn.

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Unicorn poo meringues

Curious about what a unicorn’s “poo” might resemble? Picture a whimsical swirl of colourful meringue! These playful treats are perfect for kids to assist in making. Get creative by adding fondant icing faces to give each meringue its own unique character.

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Have you tried making unicorn food? Share your recipe ideas in the comments below…

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