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Packed with fresh flavours and vibrant colours, our summer Healthy Diet Plan is full of feel-good foods. We’ve used fresh produce, storecupboard staples and low GI carbs to create a plan that will leave you feeling energised and refreshed. So why not transform your meals by following our exclusive nutritionist-approved plan? You’ll be getting at least five of your five-a-day, meeting healthy eating guidelines such as the inclusion of oily fish and wholegrains, all while minimising your intake of processed foods and ‘free’ sugars.

To revitalise your day, we’ve shaken up breakfast while also showcasing some of this season’s best – try our delicious breakfast egg wraps, strawberry pancakes and our orange & raspberry granola. We all know weekday nights can be hectic, so when you want something quick and easy our spicy tomato spaghetti is the ideal solution. Taking just five minutes to prep, this tasty dish is packed with Mediterranean flavours and contributes two of your five-a-day. While seasonal produce adds freshness, canned and frozen produce is a great time-saver, minimises waste and is budget-friendly too – check out our warm chicken salad with avocado dressing and our aromatic mince & apricots with minty bulgur.

As with any diet or lifestyle change, speak to your GP about any concerns or health issues before following our plan.

To follow the plan, use the recipes listed below in order of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

HDP Premium
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