10 football-friendly recipes for your Euros 2024 watch party

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1. Loaded fries


A tray of loaded fries is a party food staple, and it’s a good way to satisfy hungry guests. Top them with any ingredients you like – we’ve gone for fresh tomatoes, soured cream, fiery jalapeños and pickled red onions for a real kick.

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Football pitch party cake

The ultimate football party cake for kids and grown-ups alike. This fun pitch-themed cake will easily serve a crowd, and although it looks impressive, it’s deceptively easy to make. Take it to the next level with mini football figures and flags for a simple yet effective decoration.

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3. Meatball marinara fries

Oven chips covered in marinara sauce and meatballs with a fork

Is your money on Italy winning the Euros? If your answer is yes, make this sharing platter that gives a fun nod to Italian cuisine with its meatball marinara topping. With just 15 minutes of prep time, it’s a quick crowd-pleaser.

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4. Medal cookies

Three medal cookies on colourful ribbons against a blue backdrop

If you’re watching the game with little ones, bake these vanilla biscuits for a sweet treat. Decorate in bright colours, then thread with a ribbon and give out as edible prizes – kids will feel properly involved in the festivities, plus they’ll love decorating the biscuits before kick off.

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Several fruit skewers with cheesecake footy dip

Thread strawberries, melon and pineapple onto skewers, then serve with a football-themed cheesecake dip for a simple snack. A no-cook treat, it can be quickly assembled in just 20 minutes if you need a nervous nibble during a penalty shoot-out.

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6. Snack stadium

Snack stadium with boxes of snacks served around a cardboard football pitch

If you’re looking for a crafty idea to impress friends and family, this snack stadium is a must-make. Fill your ‘stands’ in this fun footie stadium with shop-bought ingredients and snacks for an epic sharing dish – we’ve opted for kids’ favourites, but you could add dips, wraps, chicken wings and more.

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7. Raclette

A spread of raclette

Whatever team you’re supporting this year, this après-ski classic is the ultimate cheesy sharing platter. Its roots are in Switzerland and it involves melting raclette cheese to serve with cured meats, new potatoes and pickled veg. There are a few steps involved and you’ll need a raclette grill to make it, but we promise it’s worth the effort.

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8. Buffalo cauliflower wings

Buffalo cauliflower wings with ranch dip in a bowl

Perfect for entertaining, this veggie spin on a spicy American classic will be a big hit with any type of crowd. Serve with a cooling ranch dip to offset the hot sauce, and crunchy celery sticks for dipping.

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9. Piri-piri pork ribs

Tray of pork ribs next to a bowl of coleslaw and some corn on the cob

If you’re rooting for Portugal, you can’t go wrong with these sharing pork ribs. If it’s a sunny evening or weekend, you could even take your watch party into the garden and cook these on the barbecue.

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10. Mini soft pretzels with cheese dip

Mini soft pretzels with cheese dip

If you’re supporting Germany in the Euros or have German friends joining you, serve these mini pretzels with a cheesy dip for a fun snack. If you’re hosting a grown-up party, you can swap 100ml of the milk in the cheese sauce with pale ale.

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