ALDI Has a $24.99 Le Creuset Look-Alike That Is “Stunning”

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Have you ever experienced sticker shock so intense it made you gasp? That’s how I felt when I first laid eyes on the iconic Le Creuset enameled cast-iron braiser and its $445 price tag. On the other hand, when I come across a deal on something really worthwhile I have the same response, and then I immediately go and tell my husband—like he cares.

That’s what happened when I came across the Crofton cast-iron braiser in this week’s ALDI finds. It’s a dead ringer for the Le Creuset equivalent but for a mere five percent of the price. No, that’s not a typo! At $24.99, this braiser is a steal compared to Le Creuset’s $445 version. You can go ahead and gasp now, too.

Key Features of ALDI’s Crofton Braiser

Just as the Le Creuset pieces are intended to make a statement in the home, this gorgeous blue (or white) enameled braiser will look stunning in any kitchen. And when I compared the product specs side-by-side, I realized that they’re virtually identical.

Both have durable cast-iron construction that evenly conducts heat. The enameled interior doesn’t require seasoning like traditional cast-iron, and it acts as a nonstick surface. This braiser can handle anything from searing steaks on the stovetop to baking bread in a super-hot oven.

According to ALDI, the Crofton braiser is oven-safe up to 482°F compared to Le Creuset’s 500°F, but Crofton’s site directly lists it as safe up to 500°F. The Le Creuset is dishwasher safe, and although it isn’t specified on ALDI’s site, Crofton’s website highlights this feature as well.

The most obvious difference between the two braisers is the warranty. ALDI offers a two-year warranty while Le Creuset has a limited lifetime warranty. However, when I dug deeper on the Le Creuset website, I found that the warranty doesn’t cover most things.

There’s a long list of Redditors who are happy to sing the praises of Crofton cookware, including one who shared, “I have an oval Dutch oven that I bought about four years ago, and I use it almost daily for everything from boiling pasta to baking no-knead bread, and it’s great! It does have a few scratches and stains, but absolutely nothing that interferes with use, and the outside of it still looks excellent.” 

Simply Recipes / Photo Illustration by Wanda Abraham / Retailers below

How I Use My Enameled Cast-Iron Cookware

When it comes to my most reached-for kitchen items, few others are a match for my enameled cast-iron. I own a couple of different-sized pieces and use them all the time for everything from stews and braises to baked goods.

Tough cuts of meat become fork-tender, vegetables take on rich flavors, and stews slowly simmer to perfection in the gentle, even heat of the braiser. On the baking side, the braiser’s 3.8-quart capacity makes it ideal for small loaves of bread (this loaf could be baked in two batches, for example), cinnamon rolls, and even crisps and cobblers.

With the Crofton braisers at this unbelievable price point, they won’t last long. If you spot them at your local ALDI, don’t hesitate to pick one up before they’re gone!

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